His elegant, artistic style leaves those who he encounters spellbound…. or extremely confused.

Goal: To learn the secrets of the worlds, to express some of the teachings of his school

Hometown: Qyrozen, a school of monks taught both physical discipline and magical manipulation.
Relatives: Mother, Father, Ferghan… (adoptive older brother)
Other Relatives: Gien the Red Fist (His mentor), Pungjin the Soul Bender (Head monk of his school), Korin the Tranquil (Master monk), Mashgar the Mighty (Master monk), Lumen the Inquisitive (Master monk) Serenade (Sister monk), Kaishou (Brother monk)

Description: 5"5’ tall humanoid with a somewhat lithe body and a fair amount of definition. A delicate feminine face and lips that has a hint of a pout, donned with deep purple eyes that sparkle with curiosity. Ass-length, long, silky, blonde hair parted at the sides by big saucer-like ears. He has slightly flared hips that matches his trim, lithe body. He wears silken white robes of elegant designs.

Throughout his journey, he met a new friend. Tallian. He was a crafter, so he asked him to make him a headband. But the crafty bastard cursed it with his opposite alignment! Ruining his blonde hair and turning it purple.

Half a year later, Atrata gets involved with pretty purple lunar dragon, Grunayrum. Their meeting was not pleasant, as he attacked the dragon while he was meditating. Fortunately, first impressions doesn’t last long between him and the dragon. Apologizing profusely for not knowing he wasn’t like other dragons, who are more animalistic in nature, he sets out to make things right between him and Grunayrum, getting him tribute. Of course, Grunayrum doesn’t want him to just run off, so he gives him a scale so that he can GPS Atrata, or know when he abandons the scale.
Atrata returns shortly after, speaking with his friend, Semika, who offered to help him with his predicament and gave him the things necessary to appease Grunayrum. Atrata and Semika returns to the dragon with the tribute. Atrata and Semika are curious to learn what he is cultivating. The “Frozen Sun”. Techniques that Semika’s body would reject for her compact with fire connection. Atrata had no such problems, and Grunayrum offered to be his mentor.
Atrata accepts the apprenticeship, and sticks with Grunayrum for a month, training the techniques, and even creating methods to show Grunayrum to finish the sub sect of Violet Mountain, Grunayrum giving Atrata some intimate attention for his devotion. After their time together, Grunayrum tells Atrata that he must go, he is being summoned. Atrata expresses his gloom of seeing the dragon go, wanting to see the dragon again he asks if he could go with him. Grunayrum apologizes that he can’t take him, “only those with the Grand Blood may go.” Grunayrum empathized with the saddened Atrata, and gave him another scale, a scale that gives him a way to contact him at any time And even thought of a way to get Atrata to go with him to his home. Atrata first must get a “purely potent soul”
Atrata and the party finds The Mother, who has been a terrible influence on the area around her, causing mutations and cancer with her mere existence. The party successfully defeats the mother, Semika had popped out a baby, everyone screaming at her to take her child and go back to the Ragnarok. Atrata quickly brandished a claw dagger he recieved from Grunayrum, stabbed it into the mother and absorbed her soul.
The party makes it back to Ragnarok with haste, out of concern for Semika and her child. Atrata on the other hand, takes this distraction to reunite with his dragon. And that night is a night, Atrata will not forget for the next 1,000 millennia. After Atrata and Grunayrum’s celebration, Atrata was taken by Grunayrum and would not return for the next 3 days,. Upon Atrata’s return, he’ll have been engaged to the dragon and with a few differences in his appearance. He’ll have0 gained pinkish white scales, similar to Grunayrum’s purple scales.


Atrata lost his parents to mysterious circumstances at a young age, he doesn’t know much of his own origin. Even though he doesn’t remember much, he often feels as if he lost something extremely precious in his life. Fending for himself, he was found by monks who took him in under their tutelage and shielded much from the outside world. He was clammed up and hard to communicate with, but he learned quickly under a favored monk’s guidance, appearing to have a lot of affinity with Ki and energy. His mentor, Gien, taught him all she knew. She was quite young compared to the other Masters, and it was her trial to mentor Atrata, her first pupil. Atrata would later be joined by 2 aspiring soul fighters who, out of most other fellow students, find themselves to get close to him, Serenade and Kaishou, despite the difficulty to communicate with him.

Feeling inspired by the teachings of his master, Atrata wanted to see the world, to see the monuments left behind by great mages, to see the planes where magus heroes once stood with a lightning bolt as their sword and their spell books in hand as their shield, to stand in the fields where the monks of old had their play time.
He became restless of confinement to the monks. He a little mischievous, making trouble for the other monks and masters, testing them and their patience. The things he would do, without explanation, stirred the masters’ mind for contemplation of the boy’s well being.
One day, he was summoned by the monks to hold council.

“Sometimes you guys can be such old geezers…. So I’m here, and what, you gonna tell me to not do it again, huh? You’re gonna punish me? Fine, that ought to be more interesting cause is soooo boring around here. I’m tired of doing the same old thing all the time!” He declared.

None of the monks seem to flinch at his words. Master Korin, looking as serene as always, her voice rings through the air comparable to a siren. “Young Atrata, tell us what plagues your mind. The level of your honestly will determine the level of help we may provide.”

He stayed quiet a moment, fidgeting around with the words in his head. “I want to travel the world… and go on a journey and… do… things!”

A few monks had their reservations to comment on the naivety of the young boy..
“You’re still just a child. You know not of how dangerous it is out there. The creatures of the night, gangs and raiders pillaging to their hearts content, blood sucking creatures who would take you and your body and do God knows what- sigh The short of it is ‘no’.” Protested Head Monk, Pungjin. “You’re simply not prepared enough, and without our protection-”

“I can take care of myself! I don’t need your protection!” He shouted. The council gasped by the sudden outburst. He’s usual quiet and melancholy, and showed nothing but the utmost respect for the masters. “I’m not a little kid anymore, I know how to handle myself. The cities of great magic you’ve taught me about, the great plains and fields, magical forests- I want to actually see it! And to share the with the world the way of the Soul Fighter. Think how fun would it be to have more people joining!”

Gien, a tomboyish woman with fiery red hair, steps in. “I think a pilgrimage is a great idea…. To test himself, to learn how to apply himself.”

Korin relents to Gien her concerns. “What are you saying, Gien? Aren’t you his mentor? Shouldn’t his safety be most important to you!?”

“There are things out there for him to learn that we can’t teach here. Places of this world waiting to be discovered…..” Lumen arose, speaking on Gien’s behalf.
“Interactions with others, culture, magic, life itself, cannot be taught here-”
Gien followed up, “One cannot achieve enlightenment without first experiencing the world. You can’t meditate on what you don’t know, what you haven’t done, consequences. It wouldn’t be right to deny him his rite of passage to being a Master like us. And this young soul burns fiercely passionate. He should go, forge his path and chase his horizon. Keeping him here will do him more harm than good.”

A few looks were had before they all came to pass and came to a decision. They would grant his wish to go on a journey around the world.
Head monk Pungjin receded. “I know… You’re right… I just… worry for this young boy. The world out there is cruel, and harsher than what it used to be, since the war…. I know we can’t keep him sheltered from the world forever but…. but…. Alright, I’ll grant him my prayers to journey wherever he wishes.”

Atrata, eyes as wide as saucers and a smile brighter than the sun, jumped for joy. “REALLY!? I CAN BE AN ADVENTURER? AND GO WHERE EVER I WANT!?”
He jumps the old Head Monk into a hug, later to show his respects to each of the Masters and giving a hug Gien who grudgingly accepts.

“Wait, Atrata,….” Gien hugs him tightly. “Remember everything I taught you…. Keep your wits about yourself, be skeptical of everything. Question everything. And most importantly, be as safe as you can.” After all goodbyes were said and done, Atrata recieved supplies to help begin his journey into the harsh environment that is the world.

His friends supported him, making sure he had everything down to extra underwear, just in case. Albeit they did express their jealousy, they were happy for him nonetheless. Now he travels, meeting bizarre folks, making new friends, learning new cultures; searching for old tomes, artifacts, treasure, anything that could hold a wealth of knowledge in old abandoned homes, caves, summits… He was just excited to go places! The monks knew… he was headed for his longest journey.


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