Semika the Nine Tailed Fox of Fire and Ashe


The Kitsune: Kitsune, or fox folk, are vulpine shapeshifters known for their love of both trickery and art. Kitsune possess two forms: that of an attractive human of slender build with salient eyes, and their true form of an anthropomorphic fox. Despite an irrepressible penchant for deception, Kitsune prize loyalty and make true companions. They delight in the arts, particularly riddles and storytelling, and settle in ancestral clans, taking their wisdom from both the living and spirits.

Semika’s Story

Semika’s parents home town was destroyed after the end of the war due to the Kitsune’s magical nature some peasants got scared of anything like that. (My character is only 19 so the war ended before she was born.) They traveled from place to place disguised as humans so as not to reveal their magical nature. Semika was born as they were on the road travelling. She was born with striking green eyes that was unusual among the Kitsune, who normally had gold, auburn, or blue eyes.Although her parents raised her with the traditional love of art and music Semika had become almost obsessed in her own magic from a very young age. She also wanted to learn from the other races and find what they know. The sheer number of other cultures and languages fascinated her and their different kinds of magic. She wanted to learn it all. All the worlds secrets and most of all: She wanted to learn why magic is destroying the world. Why her people were slaughtered for the fear of their magic.

When she was 7 her parents were murdered in a large cosmopolitan while trying to sell some food stuffs they came across. Food had already become a precious commodity and well. Not surprisingly some starving people saw them walk into town to sell it and ambushed them. At the time Semika had been given her allowance. She had begun her study of the magical arts and wanted to buy books on enchantment bass spells with the money she had saved up. By the time the day had passed she realized her parents still haven’t found her. It was already getting dark…

She later discovers that there are some peddlers meeting her parents description was found dead near the markets by the guard. Not sure what to do she begins her life as an orphan in the big city. She spend a great deal of her time with the book she had purchased with the last bit of money her parents had given her before they died. She realized though that she can’t survive just by studying magic and began using her natural skills at deception and charm to survive. Soon she became able to barter or outright steal food right from under people’s noses. As a Kitsune she learned from her parents the appreciation of art and music. She used that appreciation to help her survive by telling stories and preforming in taverns and inns when she had no other choice, although she preferred to stay out of sight. One of the early lessons she learned was to never show her Kitsune form. That lesson had cost her, her left eye. She spend her free time in the open library studying. Trying to find a way to gain power.

She never forgot about her parents murder however, and had investigated their deaths on her own. The night of their death she had eventually found where they had died. The cart and bodies had been thoroughly looted. It was not the best part of the town and the bodies had been left to rot. Semika managed to get the bodies of her parents to the outskirts of town with much difficulty, and the help of a passerby who took pity on the child. She buried them and went back into the city. Determined to find their killers she went back and began using her charms, wit, and even dared to start practicing her magic to compelled people to tell her what they know. The most she ever found out was that the people who killed her parents were not dressed the same as the city people. Travelers most likely. Two armed men and one small enough to be a woman, but no matter how much she tried she could not find out more about them. It might have been for the best for she did not what she’d do even if she found then…

At the age of 16 Semika manage to get enough gold saved up to begin her adventures. She has heard a rumor about a rare artifact that had caught her interest during her research. The Eye of Vecna. If the left eye of a lich king wasn’t an object of power nothing is. She isn’t stupid though. One does not simply jam an eye of ancient evil into their skull and get power. She needs to learn more. Where is it? How can she control it while keeping her sanity? It was time to begin her journey. To find answers. One way or another she needed to find a way to set the world right again and to make it safe for her and her people.



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