Sir Ferghan Vestoro

Knight in Sour Armor Extraordinaire


Paladin of Iomedae L17.

Guardian Tier 7.

Stern Hand Cultivator, Rank 22
Intertwined Lotus Cultivator, Rank 23

Tall and broad of shoulder, ruggedly handsome, but often stonefaced and cold… a year ago Ferghan used to favor dark cloaks over chain or breastplate, whatever he could scrape together and keep in working condition as a hedge knight. Now he keeps his long black hair a bit more kempt and wears a beautifully shining and ornate set of mithral fullplate, inlaid delicately with strips of a dark black metal, along with a blood red cloak. He always carries with him a well-hewn darkwood longbow, a darkwood shield with the crest of the Golden Dawn, and his falcata, an oddly shaped sword made of greenish black metal.



“Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright, that the gods may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong; that is your oath.”

Sir Ferghan Vestoro is a knight errant, somewhat estranged member of the Order of the Golden Dawn. Since the end of the war and with the advent of the ban on magic, faith has been shaken around the land, as the order cannot create food and water and heal the sick as they once did. Ferghan, too has had his faith sorely tested; he holds to his oaths and his code, but his ties with the order itself are strained.

Ferghan, believed to be in his late 20s, was found in a forest glade and adopted by the order 22 years ago. He trained and was tutored by their knights and monks, and later served as a squire to Sir Aster. He has no memory of his parents or life before, but when he was younger he used to have vivid, lucid dreams of fantastic things. If he still does, he no longer remembers them on waking. He had to put away such childish things, after all, a long long time ago.

When Ferghan turned 15, he was assigned as the squire of a paladin of the Order of the Golden Dawn, Sir Aster. He met Aster’s angelically beautiful wife, Allayne, and his toddler son, Atrata, who clearly favored his mother.

Two years later, on returning from a mission, Aster and Ferghan were accosted by the town guard; Allayne had been condemned as a witch and her status was unknown. Aster did not quietly surrender to this injustice nor take the news well that unknown harm had befallen his wife. An idealistic paladin to the last, Aster did not wish to fatally harm the misguided fools who knew not what they did. In this fight Aster lost his life; Ferghan was injured but Aster protected him. Ferghan was staggering wounded but was still able to go on and carry out Aster’s final command to find and save Allayne and Atrata.

When he found Allayne she was in the burning rubble of their family’s home. She was not long for the world. Ferghan could do nothing to staunch her wounds. Allayne told him that she had stalled the mob to give Atrata time to escape. She gave Ferghan her necklace and asked him to find Atrata and take care of him, to give that to him when he was older.

Ferghan searched everywhere for young Atrata, but in that town he had no resources, no friends, no horse; he scoured the countryside as best he could but again not a ranger, not going to be able to find one little boy’s tracks as he fled into the wilderness.

Failing to find young Atrata, Ferghan lost a lot of faith… in the order, in himself, and in the people he was protecting. He still dedicated himself to fighting evil, but this was tempered by the realization that many of the people of his homeland were essentially monsters themselves. The order reassigned him and took him away from his search; low on resources and no longer welcome or influential in that town, that trail grew cold, and there was no news, no leads, nothing left of the boy he knew and promised to protect.

At the beginning of this campaign, in Malvarin at the beginning of the story, having learned of the mass death in Kenebrath, Ferghan decided to set out, suspecting the ghost town was being affected by some kind of malevolent outside force. At the gates of the city, he encountered various other people wandering out towards the road to Kenebrath… one of them was a girl who looked suspiciously like Allayne. Or wait, was she a girl? Hrrm.

Also among them was a striking elf woman Ferghan had seen on a mission with the Order of the Golden Sun to tend to the sick almost ten years ago. They never spoke, Ferghan despondent and wanting to return to his search, and the elf tending to her work dilligently and silently. As elves do, she didn’t appear to have aged a day. When people on the initial journey reacted negatively and said she sounded like a demon, he was compelled to intercede, as he had once stood guard at that encampment and saw first hand the results of her nursing so many comrades to health. Of course, doubtlessly in his mind she would not have remembered him, so he said nothing more of it and proceeded on the road.

Sir Ferghan Vestoro

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