Wealth by level is a hard limit on what Mana-using(psi/magic/ki) or special material items you can use! (player convenience items such as a portable hole/bag of holding for a character with enough carrying capacity to not be encumbered by their gear do not count against your WBL, but only consider themselves (meaning you need to have at least 20,000 wbl to use a portable hole without issue)) Consumable items take the WBL cost for 24 hours upon use. (one use consumables use more WBL for pricing concerns, scrolls are 8x, potions are 5x, ammuntion is 5x, these are all multipliers on the book price)

Pattern Channels are a thing, they may take any form by default, and are enhanced at the same cost as a weapon. A pattern channel is basically a weapon for spells, any enhancements are applied to patterns woven through them, though any damage enhancements apply only to the first instance of damage from a pattern, and only one pattern channel may be used per pattern. Patterns must be delivered through them to receive the benefits, and they must remain within your aura(in contact, or very close, such as an ioun stone or psicrystal). Remember that the bonus on attacks from a pattern channel only applies to attack rolls made as part of spells, NOT to spell attacks.

Crafting uses dynamic item creation, though you may increase all DC's by 5 to be able to make a "blueprint" which allows you to produce that exact item without needing to roll for different challenges, or roll the skill checks again(though you still need to expend any resources you needed to make the checks the first time)

To determine the cost reduction of items you create, double the percentage value of any reduction, and add those all together as an "efficency" value, calculate the final cost as 100/(100+efficency) , this does not effect the WBL cost.

A Crafter can maintain the items they have made regularly, attuning them to the aura of a specific person and slot, reducing their WBL costs by 5
per crafting feat they possess (up to 20%) so long as no other item has been worn in that slot by that character in the previous month and the item has not lost any properties. A crafter takes 8 hours of work to do this for all of a persons items, and may only do this for a number of people equal to their weaving modifier at a time.

Weapon Size/Die Progression


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