Spellcasters have Logical Spellcasting Progression

Pattern-Weavers may roll pattern attacks instead of the normal DC. a pattern attack for a pattern is 1d20 + spell DC -10, this is opposed by a monsters save bonus +12, some characters (PCs, bosses) may still roll saves

Timestop is a mixture of 2e and 3e versions, it stops time in a 10' radius, but is otherwise the same as the 3e/Pathfinder version, including being unable to effect timestopped creatures. (think Zeratul or Faceless void ultimate)

Healing patterns are Necromancy

Psi, magic, and ki do not interact by default, any ability list which contains Anti-magic field, dispel magic, detect magic, arcane sight, or a similar spell contains a version for psi and ki as well, this is also true in reverse.


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