Platinum Knight

Pathfinder Platinum Knight
HD – D10
Skills – 2+int per level

Bab: +7
Skills: Diplomacy 2 ranks, Craft Armorsmithing 2 ranks
Languages: Draconic
Feats: Sacred Vow, Vow of Obedience
Special: You must be sponsored by a metallic dragon to take this class. You must have single handedly slain an evil dragon with a CR of at least 2 less than your level, or have slain an evil dragon with a CR at least 4 higher than your own.
Exceptions: A paladin counts as having the sacred vow feat for purposes of this prestige class, Having immunity to compulsions counts as vow of obedience for the purposes of this prestige class.
Code of Conduct: A Platinum knight must never suffer an Agent of Tiamat to live. A platinum knight must never show mercy to an evil dragon, unless they demonstrate an intent to be redeemed, in which case you must aid in their redemption. A Platinum Knight must never harm a good dragon. If a Platinum knight violates their code of conduct they immediately lose all class features, if they did so unwillingly or unknowingly, they may regain their class features with an atonement spell, after slaying an evil dragon. If a Platinum Knight is a Paladin, violating their Paladin code counts as violating their Platinum knight code, and vice versa.

Level Bab Fort Reflex Will Special
1 1 2 0 2 Paladin advancement
Platinum Armor
Dragon Wrack +1
Smite Dragon 1/day
2 2 3 0 3 Draconic Senses
Shared Trove
Immune to Frightful presence
3 3 3 1 3 Bonus Feat
Platinum Scales +1
Imperious Aura
4 4 4 1 4 Dragon Wrack +2
Smite Dragon 2/day
5 5 4 1 4 Bahamut's Grace
6 6 5 2 5 Bonus Feat
Enhanced Dragon Mount
7 7 5 2 5 Dragonwrack + 3
Platinum Scales + 2
Smite Dragon 3/day
8 8 6 2 6 Bahamut's Love
9 9 6 3 6 Bonus Feat
Charisma Increase
10 10 7 3 7 Dragonwrack + 4
Draconic Redemption 1/week
Smite Dragon 4/day

Paladin Advancement: A Paladin who becomes a Platinum knight continues to advance in their paladin abilities. For the purposes of all of their paladin abilities they add their Platinum Knight level to their Paladin level. This includes Smite Evil, Mercies, and Spellcasting, but does not grant them new abilities from the paladin class, or additional uses of smite evil. If the Platinum Knight is not a paladin, they gain the spellcasting ability of a paladin of their platinum knight level. If a Platinum Knight has the divine bond class feature, and has selected the weapon bond, they may add Bane(Dragons) to the list of abilities they may select, if they selected the mount class feature, they may not have a horse as their mount, and instead may take a dragon as their mount, this causes the dragon to be reduced to a wyrmling, but grants the dragon a base size increase to large, changes their alignment to lawful good, slowly converts their scales to appear platinum, and grants them all the benefits normally provided to your mount, though they take the better of the HD and natural armor as a mount or as a dragon of their age.

Platinum Armor(Sp-M): By taking the scales of an evil dragon of at least 1 size category larger than the Platinum Knight, they can spend 2 days per class level to alter an existing suit of metallic armor to function as a chain shirt, full plate, or the armors original type, whichever is optimal at any given time. This increases the armors original weight by 25 pounds. In most cases this means providing a +9 armor bonus (as full plate), having a +4 maximum dexterity bonus (as a chain shirt), 20% arcane spell failure (as a chain shirt), a – 1 armor check penalty (as a chain shirt), and no speed reduction (as a chain shirt). The platinum knight must be proficient in light armor, heavy armor, and armor of the armors original type in order to receive these benefits or be considered proficient. For anyone other than a Platinum Knight the armor is considered to be the worst of all its types at any given time. While creating the armor is a spell like magical ability, gaining the benefits of the armor is considered an Extraordinary ability thereafter.

Dragon Wrack(Su-M): Starting at first level, A Platinum knights attacks are extremely effective against evil dragons, all weapons they wield have their enhancement bonus increased by +1 and deal an additional 1d6 points of damage against them, Much like having the Bane(Evil Dragons) property on all their weapons, except for the reduced damage. The damage dealt by this ability to chromatic dragons is Maximum HP damage, which heals like ability damage. Whenever a dragon attacks a Platinum Knight they suffer half of the bonus damage that would have been dealt by one of the Platinum Knights attacks, initially this is no damage, as the +1 and 1d6 are both halved to +0.5 and 0.5d6, which rounds down to zero, but at higher levels this damage increases. At 4th level, and every three levels thereafter the enhancement bonuses increases by 1, and an additional 1d6 damage is dealt, making it a +2 increase to the enhancement bonus and +2d6 damage at level 4, +3 to the enhancement bonus and +3d6 damage at level 7, and so on.

Smite Dragon(Su-M): Once per day, as a swift action a Platinum Knight may declare any non-metallic dragon as the object of their wrath, causing them to gain their charisma bonus to hit, and deal twice their Platinum Knight level in additional damage on each hit, on each attack towards that dragon, while gaining their Charisma bonus as a deflection bonus to AC against the dragons attack, and as a resistance bonus to saves against the dragons breath weapon. If their smite target is an evil chromatic dragon, the Platinum knight deals twice the bonus damage on their first hit against the dragon. This ability stacks with a paladins smite evil, and the Platinum Knight gains an additional use of this ability for every three class levels beyond first they obtain.

Immunity to Frightful Presence(Su-M): You are treated as a dragon for the purposes of draconic presences, such as the frightful presence of chromatic and metallic dragons, or the alien presence of outer dragons. This typically grants you immunity to the detrimental effects of these presences.

Dragon Senses(Ex): Your senses shift to be more like those of a dragon, allowing you to see twice as far as a human in normal light conditions, and four times as far in low-light conditions. You also gain darkvision out to 120 feet.

Shared Trove(Su-N): Bahamut's true hoard is a mass of mana rather than any material goods, to help enhance your continued service Bahamut grants you the use of a portion of their hoard, allowing you to use items as if your Wealth By Level was 15% higher.

Bonus Feat: Every three levels a Platinum knight gains a bonus [Combat] [Exalted] or [Draconic] feat, or any feat that enhances their mount or mounted combat.

Platinum Scales(Ex) Starting at third level, and every four levels there after, A Platinum knight becomes slowly covered with ever hardening platinum scales, increasing their natural armor bonus by 1.

Imperious Aura (Su-M):Good dragons are naturally well-disposed toward a Platinum Knight, while evil dragons are cowed by his presence. Platinum Knight gains a bonus equal to his class level on all Charisma-based skill checks made against dragons and dragon-type creatures (such as wyverns)

Bahamut's Grace (Su-M): A 5th-level platinum knight adds their Charisma modifier (if positive) as a bonus on all saving throws against the attacks, special abilities, and spells cast by evil dragons. This effect stacks with the divine grace class feature of paladins and similar abilities.

Enhanced Dragon Mount (Su-M): By imbuing their mount with their growing might, they cause their mount to grow in power, increasing their age category to 1/3 the Platinum Knights effective paladin level, and granting them a disintegration breath, which is a 5' line that extends 80' plus 10' per age category, and deals 2d6 damage for each hit die of the dragon, disintegrating those reduced to 0hp or less, with a Fortitude save at the same DC as their current breath weapon to only take 2d6 damage per age category of the dragon . If they did not already have a divine bonded mount, they now gain one as a paladin of twice their Platinum Knight level, effected by their Paladin Advancement ability, but not by this ability.

Bahamut's Love (Su-M): At 7th level, a Platinum Knight is enveloped by the love of Bahamut. Their DR increases by Their Platinum Knight level/ – against the attacks of evil or chromatic dragons, with an extra half of that amount against evil chromatic dragons. In addition, whenever they channel positive energy, use lay on hands, or their paladin spellcasting to heal a creature, they heal the maximum possible amount. If the creature healed is a good metallic dragon, the ability used is also automatically empowered, healing an additional 50%.

Charisma Increase (EX): At 9th level the Platinum knights charisma is increased by two points.

Draconic Redemption (Sp-M): once per week a Platinum knight may cast Sanctify the wicked on any willing evil dragon, when the sanctified template is applied to this creature, they do not lose any of their preexisting abilities that are not specifically evil.

Special: What happens to the dragon when A Platinum knight stops being bonded with it? Your formerly bonded Dragon retains all of its benefits for a year and a day, at which point the benefits it received begin to decay. Starting 366 days after it ceases to be bonded to you, the dragon begins to lose its platinum scales, and only receives benefits as if your Platinum knight level was 1 lower, if this brings your platinum Knight level below 1, it loses one size increase over a normal dragon of its type, every year thereafter it acts as if your platinum knight level was decreased by 1 more than it was the last time, so -2 for a total of 3 less after the second year, -3 for a total of 6 less, and so on. If it only receives half or less of your effective paladin level, the size increase decreases by 1 more, and if your effective paladin level falls below 5, the size increase goes away, and it becomes a dragon of the appropriate size for its age. Regardless of your effective paladin level for its bonuses, once the decay begins its age category matches its true age, and its alignment does not change from Lawful Good unless its actions or an outside influence would change it.

Platinum Knight

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