Spell Channel Effects

Pattern Channels are a thing, they are typically handheld items, such as books, staves, wands, or swords, and are enhanced at the same cost as a weapon, any non-handheld pattern channel, such as a circlet, or an ioun stone, costs the additonal amount as an item of a non-standard type (+50% cost, and +100% more if it is slotless). A pattern channel is basically a weapon for patterns, any enhancements are applied to patterns woven through them, though any damage enhancements apply only to the first instance of damage from a pattern, and only one pattern channel may be used per pattern. Patterns must be delivered through them to receive the benefits, a given pattern may only benefit from one pattern channel at a time, and they must remain within your aura(in contact, or very close, such as an ioun stone or psicrystal). Remember that the bonus on attacks from a pattern channel only applies to attack rolls made as part of patterns, NOT to pattern attacks.

While a pattern channel may receive any weapon enhancement, these enhancements are specific to pattern channels. All these bonuses require you to have a magic item creation feat appropriate to the channels type to apply.

Aligned: Pick one alignment subtype, this subtype may never be changed. When you weave a pattern with this alignment subtype add the channels enhancement bonus to your weaver level.
Moderate conjuration; CL 7th; Align Weapon; Price +1 bonus

Alluring: The wielder of this channel adds its enhancement bonus to all charisma based ability and skill checks made against creatures under the effects of an enchantment pattern.
Moderate enchantment CL 5th; charm person; price +1 bonus

Beckoning: When used to weave a pattern that summons, calls, or creates a creature, the creature gains an enhancement bonus to attack rolls equal to the channels enhancement bonus for 10 minutes per weaver level.
moderate conjuration; CL7th; leadership feat; Price +2 bonus.

Coven's: As a move action the wielder of a Coven's channel may expend a pattern to grant an ally within close range other than themselves an enhancement bonus to their weaver level equal to the patterns level, up to a maximum of the enhancement bonus of the channel, for one round.
moderate evocation; CL9th; shadow conjuration; price +2 bonus

Deft: A Deft Channel adds its enhancement bonus to all concentration and spellcraft,, psicraft, and kicraft checks made by the wielder while using it.
moderate divination; CL7th; identify; price +1 bonus

Elemental Substitution: Choose one element, this element is determined at creation, and may not be changed. When using this pattern channel to channel a pattern that uses an element, the implement may change the elemental type of the pattern to that of the chosen element. If the chosen element is a higher element the damage dealt is reduced by 1 per die, and your weaver level is treated as 3/4 normal for determining flat damage bonuses.
moderate transmutation; CL 9th; elemental body 1; price +1 bonus

Manxome: whenever a creature rolls a natural 1 on a saving throw against or you roll a natural 20 on the spell attack of a pattern woven through a Manxome channel, the targets heart explodes. For most creatures this results in instant death, though some creatures, such as most undead, plants and constructs, can function fine without a heart.
Major Necromancy; CL 18th; power word kill; Price +5 bonus

Morphic: When a transmutation(polymorph) pattern is woven through this channel the weaver may grant the target a bonus to strength, dexterity, or constitution equal to the channel's enhancement bonus while the pattern is in effect, up to 24 hours. A target may only benefit from one bonus from a Morphic channel at a time.
Moderate Transmutation;CL7th;alter self; Price +3 Bonus

Pinpoint: You may choose to effect a number of targets up to the channels enhancement bonus rather than the normal area of a pattern woven through this channel, though all targets must be within the area that would normally have been effected, and you cannot target more creatures than the spell would have normally allowed.
Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; Precise Shot; Price +1 bonus

Potent: Add the channel's enhancement bonus to your weaver level when determining the range, area, targets, and duration of a pattern woven through it.
Moderate transmutation; CL 7th; mage hand; Price +1 bonus

Rejuvenating:  When you weave a healing pattern through this channel, increase the hitpoints healed by the first instance of healing by the damage that would normally be added by this channel. E.G a + 1 rejuvenating flaming channel used by a 1st level caster to cast cure light wounds would heal 1d8 + 2 + 1d6 hit points, rather than the 1d8 + 1 it normally would.
Moderate necromancy; CL 7th; cure light wounds; Price +1 bonus

Reliable: A number of times per day equal to the channels enhancement bonus, if a pattern woven through a Reliable channel has no effect, such as by failing to penetrate spell resistance, being negated by a saving throw, or attempting to target an incorrect target, the resources used to weave the pattern are not expended.
Moderate evocation; CL 11th; mnemonic enhancer; Price +3 bonus

Subduing: the wielder of a subduing channel may chose to deal non-lethal damage with any pattern woven through it.
Moderate necromancy; CL 7th; cure light wounds; Price +1 bonus

Viewing: Add the channel's enhancement bonus to any perception checks made through a divination or scrying pattern woven through it.
Moderate divination; CL 7th; clairvoyance; Price +1 bonus

Warding: Add half the channel's enhancement bonus to the AC or saving throw bonus of any pattern woven through it.
Moderate abjuration; CL 11th; clairvoyance; Price +3 bonus

Spell Channel Effects

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