If a preexisting effect effects, or may choose from ALL of the following elements; Fire, Water/cold, Air/Electricity, Earth/Acid, and Sonic; then it also effects or may choose from Force, Positive energy, Negative energy. – Addendum Resist energy and the like are split into resist base energy for fire/elec/cold/acid, and resist higher energy for sonic/force/positive/negative

An elemental subtype always provides damage immunity to the damage type of the element, and a weakness to the opposite. If a creature, such as a dragon, already has an elemental immunity that does not match its subtype, the elemental type may be switched. E.G. blue dragons are air subtype, and green are earth, instead of their previous opposite.

effects that choose a type/subtype effect all creatures with the subtype. E.G. a ranger picks outsider (evil) as their favored enemy. this also effects other creatures with the evil subtype.

The level of a spell may also be referred to as the rank

Pattern refers to any Spell, Power, Manuever or similar effect, Weaver level refers to caster level, manifester level, initiator level, or similar, as appropriate.

Spell focus, Power Focus, and Manuever Focus are merged into Pattern Focus. Any other focuses remain independent.


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